Assembling Machine

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Assembling Machine
Assembling Machine
Assembling Machine
Assembling Machine
A large machine that allows you to produce various items
Resources 1475 Steel, 350 Refined Iron, 475 Refined Copper, 425 Refined Silicon
Device Type Prop
Location in editor Prop edit mode, Systems
Size 3x1x1 tile (12x4x4 meters)
Category: Systems

An Assembling Machine is used to create more advanced resources from raw or refined resources. The operation and interface are very similar to the Refinery. See the Resources page for more information on how to obtain the resources listed below.

Assembling Machine Recipes

Icon Resource Input Output Crate Icon
Standard Shell Standard Shell 1 Copper, 1 Iron 2 Standard Shell Standard Shell
Standard Ammo Standard Ammo 2 Standard Shell, 1 Nitrous Oxide 2 Standard Ammo Standard Ammo
Defense Drone Defense Drone 2 Drone Parts: Construction, 1 Drone Parts: Combat, 1 Drone Parts: Electronics, 1200 Standard Ammo 1 Defense Drone Defense Drone
Repair Drone Repair Drone 2 Drone Parts: Construction, 1 Drone Parts: Flight, 1 Drone Parts: Electronics 1 Repair Drone Repair Drone
Beacon Beacon 75 Iron, 100 Copper, 50 silicon 1 Beacon Beacon
Standard Torpedo Standard Torpedo 40 Brass, 30 Steel, 70 Nitrous Oxide 1 Standard Torpedo Crate Standard Torpedo
Advanced Torpedo Advanced Torpedo 40 Brass, 30 Steel, 100 TNP 1 Advanced Torpedo Crate Advanced Torpedo
U-238 Fuel U-238 Fuel 300 Uranium 150 Iron 75 Steel 75 Silicon 1 U-238 Fuel cell U-238 Fuel
Pu-239 Fuel Pu-239 Fuel 4 U-238D Fuel cells 1 Pu-239 Fuel cell Pu-239 Fuel
Pu-241 Fuel U-239 Fuel 4 Pu-239D Fuel cells 1 Pu-241 Fuel cell Pu-241 Fuel
Iron_Turbine Iron Turbine 300 Iron 1 Iron Turbine Iron Turbine
Steel_Turbine Steel Turbine 600 Steel 1 Steel Turbine Steel Turbine
Platinum_Turbine Platinum Turbine 600 Iron, 25 Platinum 1 Platinum Turbine Platinum Turbine