Missile Launcher

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Missile Launcher
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Missile Launcher
Fire and hold missiles which can be fired from the console or the helm
Resources 500 Iron, 125 Copper, 275 Silicon
Weight 800 kg
Device Type Exterior Wall
Ammo Type Standard Missile, Advanced Missile
Peak Drain 1000
Configurations 3 (rear, left & right console)
Location in editor Interior edit mode, Systems
Size 3x1x1 tile
Category: Weapons


The Missile Launcher was renamed Torpedo Launcher with the advent of smaller missile launchers and lasers to compliment the guns. Please see Torpedo Launcher. The Missile Launcher is available in 3 configurations: Standard, Left Console, Right Console. The standard launcher console faces the rear of the launcher. It can be manually fired from the console or fired via the helm. Missiles fired from the launcher track targets but must be fired from 1.5km or further for the missile AI tracking to activate. Firing from less than this range does not guarantee results. Missiles can be destroyed by drones, shot down by Skrill, and they can also destroy each other if fired too closely together as the explosion will destroy undetonated missiles in range of the effect. If you salvage your ship, missiles loaded into the launcher are returned to you.

Console Usage

The console display indicates the number of missiles loaded into the four round magazine, and there are also four small lights near the top of the magazine which will indicate red or green for empty and loaded tubes respectively. You can select a target via the console display, which will list targets and ranges, then press the "Launch" button to fire. If your pilot is selecting targets, you will see a target symbol next to their currently selected target.

Loading Ordinance

While facing the missile cradle on the side of the launcher, drop your missile crate into it. The missile will unpack and load into the magazine automatically. Repeat for all four tubes.

Standard Missile

Standard Missiles are made in the Assembling Machine with 40 Brass, 30 Steel, 70 Nitrous Oxide. Standard Missiles travel at 600m/s and will do 1000 damage. Resource ID: 43

Advanced Missile

Advanced Missiles are made in the Assembling Machine with 40 Brass, 30 Steel, 100 TNP. Advanced Missiles travel at 800m/s and will do 10000 damage. Resource ID: 45